Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My wife's obsession

    Dealing with my polycystic ovarian syndrome is a struggle all its own. It was my stressful problem. How ironic of life because there are some couples who been trying to conceive and others were so blessed and has too many children and we, the less fortunate are doing the best things just to get conceived. Though it is hard to take medication correctly and follow on what the doctor recommendation still we seriously take it all.

    In our office, Seven of my officemates is in there due time this year. Anne just labored a bouncing baby boy last Feb 9.Next in due is Edwin’s wife, Mariel this coming March with a baby girl, there first baby and  followed by Kareen who is expecting to gave birth to a baby boy in April  and Emily Amor  who is in  due  this coming  May with a baby girl. In our cubicle, Sharon is also expecting .She is now on her second trimester and will be due this July and in the accounts payable department, Jen and Marnelli is also in the period of gestational development  which is also due on August and September. I was just very observant to them and I enjoy exchanged thoughts with them about the feeling of being about to produce life.  Some of them experienced bed rest because they got early contractions. Early contractions is risky, there will be tendency that the baby might be aborted.

   From my friend’s thoughts, they said, it’s better to take folic three months before conceiving. There are a lot of online subscriptions that experts give you tips, correct guide through way to pregnancy and I am one who subscribes Beth Kielys, on line guide, though I can’t afford to buy her e-book  as of now but still I followed her first  seven  mistakes that should avoid when you are planning to conceived. It is fascinating to read new moms sending their appreciation to Beth on how the author help there struggles. It gets me hope that one day we could have also our own little one.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Souvenirs stuff

In the small corner of my cubicle here in my working place I pasted   different kinds of baby’s  personalized invitation letters that I have collected from my officemates who has already kids and from my nieces letter cards when I was chosen to be there godparent .The tokens and souvenirs are also displayed in my table. This stuff is my stress reliever.  And every time I look at them especially those that have baby pictures in the first cover of the letter and in the small paper attached in the tokens got me relieve from my boring and tiring work. Baby’s smiles for me are like a pill to overcome tiredness.
Praying of having an offspring in the future, I already foresees the picture of what it would be look like on his/her baptism day and there first birthday party. I have already an idea on how to make my personalized invitations letter for them, and the nice souvenir and giveaways and a place that perfect for family gathering. If God will bless us a baby boy, maybe he would be named ISAAC MISHAEL, my choice. It is come from the Bible story. Isaac is the first born son of Abraham from his wife Sarah. And Mishael is a scrambled letter from the name Ishmael who is also first born son of Abraham from Sarah’s slave, Hagar.  I haven’t yet made a name for a girl but I like the name RIVERS.
           Papemelroti has best for all occasion favors and giveaways. They have different charming tokens. Chimes token best occasions, Prayers and verses, angels, jar and boxes, magnets buttons are examples other designs in affordable price. I know one day I can have this stuff for my own little one. And I’m happy that I can get all this idea now through internet.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Love love love

I remembered when I was in college; I made a term paper for my theology subject about sacraments. I was assigned by the group to tackle about sacrament of matrimony. Hence, I’m single and couldn’t relate about marriage life, I diverted my topic about the basis of real love before entering and accepting the sacrament of marriage.

Marriage is sacred; it is a consecrate of two people to join for life and accepts procreation. In the Bible story, the first wedding is made in the place of Cana when God shows his miracle, making water into wine. (I just knew this thing when I joined precana seminar with my husband to be during complying requirements for our church wedding last June 2010).

When a couple decided to get married, it is because they love each other. They wanted to create a family. Our love is the main reason why we want to spend the rest our life to someone and devote our time for them. Love has two foundations and it is important to know the basis before engaging marriage life. What was love meant for you? Is it base on love or lust? Love base on lust characterized with pleasure, desire and sex. It has sweetness and never takes long. Once the sweetness last, arguments and misunderstanding begins. It follows to the sayings “Mans gives love in order to get sex and Woman gives sex in order to get love”.  Real love in the other hand carries the characteristic of persistent determination; it doesn’t need to a person to love you back because it is unconditional. It has patience, respect, understanding and time.

It is challenging on how to deal with your partner’s indifferences. Love keeps stronger when you experience difficult moments and all you will need was support from each other. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Take a ride with "Habal habal"

A year ago, my husband loaned a Suzuki pro raider motorcycle for personal service from work .He amortized it in the amount of P 2,600 ea month for 36 months. Riding motorcycle is safe; it can be risky if the driver doesn’t have any safety measures like wearing proper helmet. Other wears some body gears for personal protection from sunlight and dash during riding.

In our place, motorcycle is also used for public means of transportation aside from tricycle. They called in “habal-habal”. It is indeed an income generating activities. It is an idyllic work. My brother’s source of living is also habal-habal and tricycle and he earned more than a minimum wage earner a day.

Here in our place, if you want to avoid traffic in going to work, school, etc., "habal-habal" drivers are the best one to hire rather than taxi. Lesser cost/fare and you will arrive to the place you want in time.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dream House

   My favorite magazines are home and living, log houses from Japanese style and house keepings. I like those kinds of magazines because it inspires me on how to create my own simple, beautiful and comforting dwelling place in the future.

   Since sweethearts, I used to ask and suggest my husband to go mall hopping.  I take him in kitchen wares area just looking for glass wares, nice plastic wares and in textile area where you can find colorful curtains, pillow cases and bedclothes and other home d├ęcor. Indeed, I enjoyed looking around in appliances area. It’s good to see different sizes of wooden craft that would perfectly fit to your own house. Touching and feeling the soft couch and trying to sit on it.

   Every couples dream is to have there own house. My ideal house is to have simple 2 bedroom house that has beautiful porch. I want the main door of my house fronting where the suns rise. It should have a spacious living room that good for family gatherings; I want my kitchen with granite countertops and wooden cabinets for my stainless utensils. My master suite has powder room and a terrace where I can see the sunsets.
   It is very nice to imagine the picture of your own dream house. How does it look like? I wish that this picture would make come up to us.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Do some list!

   They said that in order to keep and to get the things that you wanted is you need to plan it well. I never tried writing my goal and wish sheet because in my realization it would not come up with. I got the idea from a TV personality and she said that every time the year ends she made some list and arranges her wishes that she wanted to fulfill on the following year. I realized that I do something reverse from her idea, instead of wishes to fulfill I do have list of my payables and dues that need to be compensate, in result I have less savings.

  I started my new year signing up in a small cooperative in our office, investing money into some income generating activities. In this way I could save 30% of my monthly salary. We have electronic load retailing business and I want to revive from lost of income. Our small business was stress because of personal withdrawals.

   All my personal wish and wants this year are all set aside because I wanted to recover on the fiscal crises that we had suffered last year. Now we will prioritize things that are important to us. We hope this year would be great for us to regain our financial problems.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pba Game

   Basketball is my favorite sports and my favorite past time is to watch nba games.Every game in nba is so exciting, you can see how players strive hard to win the game. But just last night, i watch the semi finals in our countries Pba, I thought it was just nba that fanatics like me enjoys and excites to watch. As yesterdays game between Petron Blaze and their much rival the Talk and Text. The crowd is full of excitement everytime a player scores. It was a tough game that everyone was panic on whom the game will be. The game end by just a single point. And Talk and Text win the game. I begin to like watching Pba now because of the development of everygame plan and every player skills improve, not like old times.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to treat a wound

   The best way to treat a wound is to wash it with soap and water. Wipe the cut with a piece of sterilized cotton or clean cloth. Apply a little iodine to disinfect it. Cover with a bondage. What you will use for bondage depends upon the size and location of the wound. Small, prepared bondage are good for small wounds. For larger wounds, use gauze or a folded piece of cotton. Wrap this around the wound and hold it in place by narrow strips of adhesive tape to keep the bondage a snug fit. Don’t bondage a wound too tightly because this might shut off the circulation of the blood.

    If anyone could ever experience having wound, please don’t treat it in a wrong way. Treat it in the right way and with the right prescription to avoid infection.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to become a good writer

   To be a successful writer, you must achieve correctness in sentence construction. It is not enough to write sentences which are grammatically correct; you must work hard to do this.

   Be careful of your writing. Try never to commit the same mistake twice. Revise whatever you write before you copy it in its final form. Do not hand in any composition which you have not corrected and revised. Always remember that success is directly proportional to the effort you make to attain it. Nothing worthwhile is achieved without trying very hard.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Experiencing Sabbath school

   My first memorized verse in the BIBLE is “GOD IS LOVE”, from the first book of JOHN chapter 4:8. I was born in catholic faith but I grow up environed with my Adventist aunts and relatives. All the way to my childhood, our father’s sister was influencing us about their church services and faith community; she used to bring us in Sabbath school every Saturday to fall in with other Adventist kids. Sabbath school is a place were children are group according to grade level, they were taught of good doings of Jesus Christ,  sing and listen to story telling about Bible story and their teachers are also their mothers.

   Same with catholic faith, Adventist has also symbols like bread, wine and foot washing. They believe in Holy Trinity, incarnation or second coming of Jesus Christ and salvation. They practice baptism and communion but they exercise it four times a year of their church service. They do missionary outreach. One of my cousins was given opportunity to travel in Korea for missionary activity. Adventist is also vegetarians, they don’t eat pork. Alcohol and tobacco is also prohibited. Every summer our aunt enrolled us in VBS (Vacation Bible School) were I completed my intermediate level. What I’ve miss during summer was being part of Flores de Mayo. My younger sister is lucky that she experience both VBS and Flores de Mayo.

   The most memorable things of my religious experience are to learn the values of your faith. It is not important on what beliefs you were raised but the good influences that made you to be better person that could be share to others.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

   The essence of being a woman is to be a mother. I’ve been married for a year and a half and my wife and I is been trying to have our own little one. We visit to our doctor regularly and we found out that my wife is suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a common health problem of women related to hormonal imbalance and it is a serious cause of infertility. The most affected with this kind of problem are that who has irregular menstruation .It causes the woman not to ovulate. Since my wife is not ovulating, it is difficult for her to conceive. It is very hard for us to accept because we are excited to have children in our own.

    The good news is that, PCOS can be treated. Our doctor suggested her to take fertility pill and indeed it helps to regulate her period. Going to path through pregnancy is a challenge to us as a couple because both of us need to cooperate. I personally seek other information from the internet on ways or other treatment that could help our challenge. She also subscribes guidelines in preparation to get pregnant. I started to quit smoking in order to have a healthy sperm. We religiously take right food and vitamins and following other recommendations from our doctor.

    It’s been three months after taking a fertility pill and we are waiting in the time that her period would not come out this month. Having our own child is maybe the best gift from us. It would complete us as a family. Sometimes it broke our heart to learn in the news that there are irresponsible parents who are not taking their children right. Our children are our gift and not all women are given chances to be blessed.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

How to be a good conversationalist

   How does one become a good conversationalist? By having something to say and knows how to say it. To become a good conversationalist, first, you need to read much. There may be people who cannot converse because of lack of ideas. They know that they are not well informed and this gives them a feeling of insecurity and self consciousness. Whre do we get ideas? From books, magazines, newspapers, etc. Be informed of the day to day issues and formulate your own opinions. Second is you nees to learn to listen. Listen to what others say. Be a good listener because this is another way to become well informed. Lastly, you need to watch your speech. Speak in a normalvoice and don't whisper. Speak clearly and develop a pleasant and agreeable voice.

    This steps are very important in our day to day lives and in our jobs, in making friends and success in our life.

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