Thursday, January 5, 2012

Experiencing Sabbath school

   My first memorized verse in the BIBLE is “GOD IS LOVE”, from the first book of JOHN chapter 4:8. I was born in catholic faith but I grow up environed with my Adventist aunts and relatives. All the way to my childhood, our father’s sister was influencing us about their church services and faith community; she used to bring us in Sabbath school every Saturday to fall in with other Adventist kids. Sabbath school is a place were children are group according to grade level, they were taught of good doings of Jesus Christ,  sing and listen to story telling about Bible story and their teachers are also their mothers.

   Same with catholic faith, Adventist has also symbols like bread, wine and foot washing. They believe in Holy Trinity, incarnation or second coming of Jesus Christ and salvation. They practice baptism and communion but they exercise it four times a year of their church service. They do missionary outreach. One of my cousins was given opportunity to travel in Korea for missionary activity. Adventist is also vegetarians, they don’t eat pork. Alcohol and tobacco is also prohibited. Every summer our aunt enrolled us in VBS (Vacation Bible School) were I completed my intermediate level. What I’ve miss during summer was being part of Flores de Mayo. My younger sister is lucky that she experience both VBS and Flores de Mayo.

   The most memorable things of my religious experience are to learn the values of your faith. It is not important on what beliefs you were raised but the good influences that made you to be better person that could be share to others.

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