Monday, February 6, 2012

Love love love

I remembered when I was in college; I made a term paper for my theology subject about sacraments. I was assigned by the group to tackle about sacrament of matrimony. Hence, I’m single and couldn’t relate about marriage life, I diverted my topic about the basis of real love before entering and accepting the sacrament of marriage.

Marriage is sacred; it is a consecrate of two people to join for life and accepts procreation. In the Bible story, the first wedding is made in the place of Cana when God shows his miracle, making water into wine. (I just knew this thing when I joined precana seminar with my husband to be during complying requirements for our church wedding last June 2010).

When a couple decided to get married, it is because they love each other. They wanted to create a family. Our love is the main reason why we want to spend the rest our life to someone and devote our time for them. Love has two foundations and it is important to know the basis before engaging marriage life. What was love meant for you? Is it base on love or lust? Love base on lust characterized with pleasure, desire and sex. It has sweetness and never takes long. Once the sweetness last, arguments and misunderstanding begins. It follows to the sayings “Mans gives love in order to get sex and Woman gives sex in order to get love”.  Real love in the other hand carries the characteristic of persistent determination; it doesn’t need to a person to love you back because it is unconditional. It has patience, respect, understanding and time.

It is challenging on how to deal with your partner’s indifferences. Love keeps stronger when you experience difficult moments and all you will need was support from each other. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Take a ride with "Habal habal"

A year ago, my husband loaned a Suzuki pro raider motorcycle for personal service from work .He amortized it in the amount of P 2,600 ea month for 36 months. Riding motorcycle is safe; it can be risky if the driver doesn’t have any safety measures like wearing proper helmet. Other wears some body gears for personal protection from sunlight and dash during riding.

In our place, motorcycle is also used for public means of transportation aside from tricycle. They called in “habal-habal”. It is indeed an income generating activities. It is an idyllic work. My brother’s source of living is also habal-habal and tricycle and he earned more than a minimum wage earner a day.

Here in our place, if you want to avoid traffic in going to work, school, etc., "habal-habal" drivers are the best one to hire rather than taxi. Lesser cost/fare and you will arrive to the place you want in time.