Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My wife's obsession

    Dealing with my polycystic ovarian syndrome is a struggle all its own. It was my stressful problem. How ironic of life because there are some couples who been trying to conceive and others were so blessed and has too many children and we, the less fortunate are doing the best things just to get conceived. Though it is hard to take medication correctly and follow on what the doctor recommendation still we seriously take it all.

    In our office, Seven of my officemates is in there due time this year. Anne just labored a bouncing baby boy last Feb 9.Next in due is Edwin’s wife, Mariel this coming March with a baby girl, there first baby and  followed by Kareen who is expecting to gave birth to a baby boy in April  and Emily Amor  who is in  due  this coming  May with a baby girl. In our cubicle, Sharon is also expecting .She is now on her second trimester and will be due this July and in the accounts payable department, Jen and Marnelli is also in the period of gestational development  which is also due on August and September. I was just very observant to them and I enjoy exchanged thoughts with them about the feeling of being about to produce life.  Some of them experienced bed rest because they got early contractions. Early contractions is risky, there will be tendency that the baby might be aborted.

   From my friend’s thoughts, they said, it’s better to take folic three months before conceiving. There are a lot of online subscriptions that experts give you tips, correct guide through way to pregnancy and I am one who subscribes Beth Kielys, on line guide, though I can’t afford to buy her e-book  as of now but still I followed her first  seven  mistakes that should avoid when you are planning to conceived. It is fascinating to read new moms sending their appreciation to Beth on how the author help there struggles. It gets me hope that one day we could have also our own little one.


  1. may the Lord make come true, all the dreams that became an obsession :)

  2. Hope and wish your dream come true..Pls also pray for our creator's grace for you and wife.

    be hopeful and think positive.

    a friend's advice

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