Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dream of having one

Me and my wife always wanted to have a baby because until now we are still hoping that God will listen to our prayers. We to her doctor yesterday for medication and opinion for the treatments needed in order for us to produce one. Some say that making baby is just easy but for me i don't beleaive in them based on experience. So, when the results came up, her doctor said that she had an ovarian cyst. When the doctor said that, i was frustrated that we cannot make baby., but the doctor said it was caused by delayed menstration of my wife so she gave her a treatment for the cyst to dissapear and she said to my wife after taking the medicine for 10 days, she will take pills for 2 months to regulate her menstration. I was happy when the doctor said that we could still make a baby after my wife finishes her treatment. God is still good and he listens to all our prayers.

Pics from google.

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